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Legal Updates on All Latest Amendments to the Antimonopoly Legislation of the Russian Federation

(1 of January 2009 - present)

31 July 2011

New Law on Procurement of  Goods, Works and Services by Certain Categories of Legal Entities


Federal Law of 18 July 2011 No. 223-FZ “On Procurement of  Goods, Works and Services by Certain Categories of Legal Entities” will come into force on 1 January 2012 (except for certain clauses). The Law provides for competition bidding principles and procedures with respect to  procurement of  goods, works and services by certain categories of legal entities with state and municipal participation (state corporations, unitary enterprises etc.) and legal entities carrying out of certain types of activities, e.g. utility suppliers.

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09 September 2009

Changes to Russian Competition Legislation. Government of the Russian Federation Clarifies Instances Where Agreements Between Economic Entities Are Permissible


Resolution No. 583 of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated 16 July 2009, entered into force on 31 July 2009. The resolution establishes instances in which agreements between buyers and vendors are permissible (and general exceptions), provided that a number of conditions are met: the product should be sold to two or more buyers (with the vendor's share of the product market at less than 35 percent) or to a single buyer whose share of the product market is less than 35 percent; the vendor and buyer should not compete with each other (except for the competition on a product market on which the buyer purchases the product for subsequent sale); the buyer should not manufacture products that are mutually replaceable with respect to the products that are the subject of the agreement, etc.

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28 July 2009

Important Changes in the Antimonopoly Legislation


On July 17, 2009 a Federal Law No. 164-FZ "On Protection of Competition and Certain Other Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” was enacted, which amended a number of key regulations for antimonopoly legislation in Russia.

The Law has introduced the following key changes: (1) expanded application of the Federal Law «On Protection of Competition»; (2) the Law treats a business entity as having a dominant position irrespective of its market share; (3) amendment of definitions of monopolistic high and low prices; (4) amended restrictions with respect to vertical agreements; (5) expanded powers of the antimonopoly authority; (6) increase of thresholds for the application of antimonopoly consent or notification requirements etc.

The law will enter into force on 23 August 2009.

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10 March 2009

Amendments to the placement of orders in point of delivery of goods, performance of work, rendering services for state and municipal needs legislation / March 2009


On 30 December 2008 a Federal Law No. 308-FZ "On Amendments to the Federal Law "On Placement of Orders in point of Delivery of Goods, Performance of Work, Rendering Services for State and Municipal Needs” and Certain Other Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” was adopted.

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[25.01.2010] Significant Changes to Russian Corporate Law (Federal Law No. 352-FZ)

[22.01.2010] The Amendments Concerning to State Cadastre of Real estate and Registration of the Rights on Immovable Property (Federal Law No. 334-FZ)

[11.01.2010] Update On the List of Works Which Influence Upon the Safety of Capital Construction Facilities (Federal Law No. 352-FZ)

[22.12.2009] Reversal of Deadline For an Obligatory Re-registration of Charters of Limited Liability Companies (Federal Law No. 310-FZ)

[15.12.2009] New Russian Anti-Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Legislation (Federal Law No. 241-FZ)

[03.12.2009] Priority Registration of Domain Names in Cyrillic Domain .РФ (.RF)

[15.09.2009] Clarifications of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation on the Bankruptcy Law

[09.09.2009] Government of the Russian Federation Clarifies Instances Where Agreements Between Economic Entities Are Permissible (Resolution No. 583)

[03.09.2009] Important Changes in the Corporate Legislation (Federal Law No. 205-FZ)

[28.07.2009] Important Changes in the Antimonopoly Legislation (Federal Law No. 164-FZ)

[15.06.2009] Amendments to Federal Laws Governing Joint-Stock Companies and Securities Market

[05.05.2009] Amendment to the Bankruptcy Law (Federal Law No.73-FZ)

[09.03.2009] Changes in the Limited Liability Companies Legislation (Federal Law No.312-FZ)

[09.03.2009] Changes in Restructuring of Legal Entities Legislation (Federal Law No. 315-FZ)  

[09.03.2009] Amendments to the Protection of Legal Entities Rights During State Control Actions Legislation (Federal Law No. 294-FZ)

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